Client testimonials

Gagan’s talent for design and relentless focus on the user truly changed the way we think about our solutions. It is thanks to Gagan that the entire team is focused on making our solutions consistent, simple and easy to understand for the end user.

James Riggs

Business Insights Manager at Apple

Gagan worked in a complex, busy team and I found him to be an anchor, guiding the POs and team to think customer-first.  His work rate is impressive and he has a healthy approach to test and learn validation, happy to roll his sleeves up and dig into the data.

Gregg Woods

UX Manager at John Lewis

Gagan's biggest strength is his rare ability to balance UX Design, Agile software development and Stakeholder Management. Additionally, Gagan is an amazing team player who is always willing to do whatever it took to help his colleagues get things done.

Sumit Bhardwaj

Product Director at Aviva

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Our Customers Say - Human X Webflow Template

Sally Jacobs

VP of marketing at Facebook

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Our Customers Say - Human X Webflow Template

Martin Smith

Product Manager at Pinterest

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Our Customers Say - Human X Webflow Template

Dalia Robins

CMO at Twitter

My approach

Transformation, not just execution.

user experience
design teams
company culture


user expereince


Design meaningful, usable and accessible user experiences

Test and learn from users by leveraging user research and data analytics

Improve UX by ensuring high-quality design, across all interaction channels and touchpoints.

Break barriers between departments and increase cross-team collaboration

Nurture a thriving design team by outlining development gateways and pathways

Improve team efficiency using DesignOps and productivity using Design Systems


design teams


company culture

Frame design principles, processes and practices across organisation

Foster design led innovation culture and harness it to create competitive advantage

Evangelise user empathy by collaborating with C-Suite leadership

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Advanced analytics

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User journey

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Automated reports

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Machine learning

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A/B Testing

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100+ integrations

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